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You can find a list of all available releases and packages on the Sourceforge download page.


Starting with release 0.2.0 there will be different packages that may be downloaded.


This package contains the complete sources. Each of the following packages may be built from these sources.

Download digiquest-source.


This package contains the binary digiquest-desktop distribution. digiquest-desktop is a Java Swing application and needs a Java Runtime to run. digiquest-desktop can be run on all platforms where Swing applications run, e.g. Windows or Linux systems.

Download digiquest-desktop.


This package contains the digiquest-webapp. digiquest-webapp is a servlet written in Java. The servlet displays questionaries as HTML or WML pages, so users can fill out the questionaries using a browser or cell-phone. The servlet needs a webserver with a servlet container (e.g. Apache and Tomcat) to be run.

Download digiquest-webapp.


This package contains the binaries of digiquest-palm. digiquest-palm is an application that runs on PalmOS devices. digiquest-palm allows users to fill out questionaries on any PalmOS devices where a Java Micro Edition is available. With the included conduit and Java application, questionaries are transfered to the device and results are transfered from the device to a workstation.

Download digiquest-palm.

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