History of Changes

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Version 0.3.0 (not released yet)

  • add [webapp] Question text as HTML output is formatted according to the format included in a question's text (dd)

Version 0.2.1 (2003-07-17)

  • add [desktop] Doubleclicks with the mouse are now supported in the Questionary, ResultSet and Profile Management dialogs. Doubleclicking will start a questionary, send a resultset oder modify a profile. (dd)
  • update [desktop] QuestionaryManagementDialog has been reworked. Buttons are on/off depending on table's selection. I18N is done. (dd) Fixes bug #746308.
  • fix [desktop] When a questionary is started and no export profile exists to take the result, the user is asked to create a profile, instead of showing an exception caught box (dd) Fixes bug #770501.
  • add [desktop] Added I18N to ExportDialog (dd)
  • fix [desktop] When a profile for an existing ResultSet should be reassigned, only export-capable profiles may be choosed (dd) Fixes bug #772247.
  • fix [desktop] The application now asks for confirmation if the user tries to quit while a questionary is still running (dd) Fixes bug #772240.
  • fix [desktop] Profile to use and when to send may now be choosed in one dialog (dd) Fixes bug #771782.
  • add [desktop] Now using formatted question texts. Added an example questionary to DummyDriver (dd)
  • add [core] Added class QuestionText. Questions now may contain formatted text (dd)

Version 0.2.0 (2003-07-12)

  • add [webapp] Added a german characters support in wml. (ap)
  • add [core] Undo functionality is now provided by the RuntimeQuestionary. Going back to already shown Questions is now possible. Implemented this in digiquest-desktop. (dd)
  • fix [webapp] Added new servlet for configuration of MySQL db. (ap) Fixes bug #768352.
  • fix [webapp] A proper tomcat installation fix this BUG. (ap) Fixes bug #751893.
  • fix [desktop] An error is shown if a user tries to cancel the profile chooser at the end of a questionary where the user can choose to select a profile or cancel the questionary. (ls) Fixes bug #746340.
  • fix [desktop] An error is shown if a user tries to save a profile which export ability was removed and that has result sets associated with it. The profile is not modified. The bug remains open as a reminder for some design issues in the ResultSetManagement. (ls) Fixes bug #748096.
  • fix [desktop] An error is shown in the ImportStatusDialog when trying to import a questionary in the wrong format. The bug remains open as a reminder for the upcoming common exception model for digiquest to be reinvestigated then. (ls) Fixes bug #750133.
  • fix [core] A questionary may only be started if at least one profile is available that can export (so the result may be saved) (dd) Fixes bug #750131.
  • fix [desktop] ExportDialog is only shown if export profiles are available (dd) Fixes bug #746327.
  • fix [desktop] ExportDialog now only shows profiles that really can export (dd) Fixes bug #746330.
  • update [webapp] WML is now supported in new servlets. (ap)
  • fix [webapp] Multiplechoice accept zero-selection now. (ap) Fixes bug #748972.
  • fix [webapp] removed preselection "no" in Yes/No-question. (ap) Fixes bug #748968.
  • fix [webapp] "go" - button without questionaries caused no questionary start. (ap) Fixes bug #747391.
  • fix [core] Removal of Profiles that have Results associated to it can't be deleted anymore (dd) Fixes bug #738766.
  • fix [desktop] ProfileChooser shown after a finished questionary only offers export capable profiles (dd) Fixes bug #739138.
  • add [core] Added methods in ProfileManagement Interface to retrieve export-/importcapable profiles (dd)
  • fix [webapp] The servlet works with navigation buttons in proper style now. (ap) Fixes bug #743084.
  • update [desktop] Improved the display of questions. (dd)
  • fix [desktop] A questionary can be canceled now. (dd) Fixes bug #739877.
  • remove [core] Removed the use exception chaining to be compatible to J2ME. (dd)
  • fix [desktop] References to drivers in *ConfigDialog fixed. (ls) Fixes bug #741384.
  • update The build process has been updated to reflect the changes made to the source tree. New targets to create the distribution added. (dd)
  • update Massive changes made in the source tree. The sources have been restructered for easier maintenace and to simplify the build process. (all)
  • update [desktop] UI design has been improved and a consistent Look-and-Feel has been applied. (dd, hm, ls)
  • add [desktop] I18N has started. First supported languages are English and German. (hm)
  • update [desktop] Simplified/optimized handling of dialogs for driver configuration. (ls)
  • add [core] multiple results per question now supported, if queston is flagged to produce multiple results. (dd)
  • add [core] Questions may be skipped (left unanswered) if allowed by the question. (dd)
  • add [core] Added profiles for IO operations. Consistent use of profiles in IO modules. (ls)
  • add [core] Split profiles in import and export section and added functionality for automatic detection. (ls)
  • add [webapp] Added servlets for administration and driver configuration. (ap)
  • update [desktop] Changed UI from MDI to SDI. (dd)
  • update Translation of source documentation to english has started. (all)
  • update [core] Conditions have been streamlined and simplified. (dd)
  • update [core] Restructured IO. Flexible architecture for custom implementation and easier implementation on other platforms. (ls)

Version 0.1.1 (2003-02-20)

  • add Started from scratch... (all)
  • remove deForm has been thrown away. (all)

Version 0.1 (never released)

  • add Prototype deForm (all)
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